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  • Posted on June 19, 2012 at 2:29 am

There are a couple of sports that fancy me. Cricket and soccer are the one that I like to see whole day long. These two sports have everything that is required to keep the interest alive. Well among these two sports I prefer watching soccer most of time. The main reason is that it is a 90 minute game and it even continues during whereas you cannot continue playing cricket in rain and this is what I hate about cricket.I started liking football during the last world cup.

A lot of hype was created specially on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and this created liking for the football. Before this I was not even aware of the proper rules and regulations of the game. But since the day I started watching this game I have learnt a lot and have become a football pundit. This may sound weird but it is true. I have ample knowledge about the beautiful sport of football.Let me tell you an interest fact about soccer. This game was not as famous as it is now.

Most of the people found it boring hence they do not used to watch soccer. But lately the popularity graph has touched new heights and it is just because of the club games. Every country has its own club league and this has played a major role in developing liking among the people.Now every little child has loads of knowledge about this beautiful sport. People buy tickets specially to see these club matches live. And if they are not able to watch these matches live due to their some other commitments then they keep themselves updated through internet. Some people arrange huge screens to watch these matches. This sport unites everyone and this is what I like the most about it.

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