Making new out of waste

  • Posted on June 29, 2012 at 2:24 am

Waste materials can be collected, transported, processed and disposed. These materials produced by human activities are usually managed and monitored so that their effect on health, environment and aesthetics can be removed. pollution management is focused on making the rate of consumption of natural resources delayed. Non hazardous industrial and residential wastes are the responsibility of local government while industrial and chemical wastes are responsibility of generator.With the modern pollution management technology and techniques coming up, it has become easier to recycle the pollutants. Cities across America have entered into partnership with the top pollution management companies for recycles of waste products. The wastes can be recycled into useful products so that they do not create any health hazard and do not pollute the environment.

The treatment plants process these wastes and they are either disposed or act as raw material for processing of waste products. Usually the cost of processing is huge, but the benefits acquired from recycling are also large. So the main concern for each and every person should be about making new out of waste.Recycling saves energy and the landfill space required is also lessened and facilitates sustainability. By recycling the protection of nature is ensured. The paper, plastic, cans and metal that are recycled are again used in the form of useful products.  The conserve our natural resources as well as reduce the accumulation of wastes in our surroundings.Recycling can be primary or secondary. In primary section new products of same type are obtained from recycled items like new beverage cans are produced from the processing of aluminum beverage cans. In secondary section new products of different types are produced from cycled products like outdoor furniture can be made out of plastic milk jugs. Glass can be used to make soda bottles and packaged jars, plastic can be turned into shampoo or motor oil containers, metal can be converted into scrap metal and aluminum soda can and paper can produce newspaper, magazines, colored paper and printed paper after being recycled.

After the recyclable materials are received in industries first they are sorted according to whether they are recyclable or non recyclable. Then they are separated and treated accordingly. Then the recovered materials are used as input in other industries. The sorting, processing and transporting of these recycled materials require less energy than making of new raw materials. More and more recycling must be done in order to achieve sustainability. Recycling helps in reducing the pollution and lessens depletion of natural resources. They deal with nearly 70 tons of waste which are to be deposited into landfills each year. It prevents soil erosion and produces less green house gases. The processing centers make four jobs for every one job in the industry of waste disposal.

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